One day I bought a camera and went out trying to perfect my technique taking pictures of landscapes and cats. Some of them were good and my friends started to comment. One day they asked if I could shoot their wedding. That was it, I was sold and the rest is history as they say šŸ™‚ Ā I decided to practice more with my camera and then I built inmatrimony.

– I am engagedĀ to the wonderful Asma (you will see her carrying everything)

– we have 3 amazing (and annoying) cats

– I’m a total geek

– I’m over 6 foot so being hidden is tricky

– I’m more into rock than pop

– I’m a perfectionist always trying to get better which is not always a good thing

– I builtĀ this entire site by myself (can you tell?)

– I pretty much live off coffee

Well, that is all I can think of right now. The main thing you should know is that I am honest and don’t believe in giving false promises. I try very hard toĀ become a better photographer so I can make your pictures the best they can be. So contact us and let’s make this the best day of your lives.